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Fiestas del Carmen

The FIESTAS DEL CARMEN is the main local holiday which takes place in July.

EL DÍA DEL CARMEN or “Carmen´s Day” is on the 16th of July and the celebrations often last between 4 and 5 days. Activities are organised for children, groups of friends and older people.


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Carnaval takes place in February or March.

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Markina-Xemein is a municipality located in a rural area, comprised of a wide area of natural terrain and approximately 300 hamlets.

Some of these hamlets make produce from locally available sources; this produce includes cheeses, bread, cakes and pastries, fruits and vegetables, “chistorra” a regional sausage, meats, “Chacolí” a Basque wine, cider... these are sold via various channels of which local shops and regional FAIRS are important showcases.

In Markina-Xemein there are three annual fairs:

Second saturday in may. Locally reared lamb is roasted and served. Local produce can also be bought at this event.
Second saturday in february. Showcasing and sale of different plants and flowers.
Second saturday in october. This is the fair for stock breeders and farmers from Lea-Artibai, and is the region´s most important event. As well as a show of livestock from the local area, additional events include a best-of-breed competition of the Euskadi Blond Aquitania bovine class and a showcase of local breed Euskal Herria animals. Agricultural products are also on show and for sale.

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